Understanding and Diagnosing Air Conditioning


This course goes beyond minimum certification requirements for recovery, evacuating, recharging, and recycling by offering actual hands-on training in diagnosing and repairing A/C electrical, computer / BCMs, Climate control and electronic components. Most of today’s vehicles come equipped with electronically controlled A/C systems. Auto AC systems have become more difficult to diagnose using the repair strategies learned from years of servicing R12 and R134a systems. This class will cover operation and service of today's and tomorrow's air conditioning systems.                                                                    

      Includes books & MACS Certification in R134a and R1234yf.


                Class size Limited Due to COVID

               3 DAYS / 24 hours - $795.00

                    DATES: TBA         

                                   2 Books and Lunch Included


Instructor: "G" Jerry Truglia

CLASS: AC Understanding and Diagnosing Air Conditioning