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This hands-on class is useful for entry level and advanced technicians. This course provides an overview of the vehicle’s computer system operation and driveability

diagnostics. It also covers Computer Relationships, Component Descriptions, Sensors & Actuators, Scan Tool Troubleshooting Tips, Updates on Newer Advanced Technologies such as CAN, Vehicle Networking Strategies, Data Protocols.


Real World Automotive Computers Diagnosis

Pages: 85 plus

Binding: Spiral wire bound

Overview: This book is useful for both intermediate and advanced

students. It provides an overview of basic vehicle computer operation for

the intermediate student while offering updates on newer advanced

technologies such as CAN, vehicle networking strategies, data protocols,

and an overview of OBD II Mode 6 that includes sample screens and PID

values. Includes vehicle input/output relationships, component

descriptions, and scan tool troubleshooting tips. Index for quick reference

by topic.

                             Class Limit of 20 technicians * minimum 10


                             Cost $795.00- Includes Book &  Lunch


                              DATES: TBA


Instructor: “G” Jerry Truglia




CLASS: Real World Automotive Computers Diagnosis

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