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Topics covered include circuits and circuit testing, opens, shorts, voltage drops, relay testing, meter usage (DMM), labscope / graphing meter usage, sensor, actuators, and hands-on testing to use on an array of applications such as starting, batteries, fuel delivery, ignition, sensors, computers, and more. Through this hands-on training, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your tools and equipment to find and repair electrical problems on today’s vehicles instead of watching those expensive tools collect dust. Bring your meter, scope, graphing meter amp clamp and any other electrical tools. Class Limit of 20 technicians * minimum 10Cost $695.00, Includes 112 page Electrical book plus Lunch. When you go to purchase this class go to CART and BE SURE to click on PRIORITY MAIL then choose Class / Seminars / Online – Training Location. This will pervent any chargers for shipping. 

Electronic Class 24 Hours Hands On

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