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PicoScope 4423 ($2189.00)

This package contains the 4-channel 4423 Picoscope module and software combined with an extensive test lead package. It is compatible with any vehicle and great for basic and advanced testing whether your a PC-novice or a Master Technician.

This 3rd generation Pico scope offers support and power in an affordable and flexible package for use with any vehicle:
* 4-channel scope to measure up to 4 signals at once
* Memory: 32 MB samples allows waveform detail to be zoomed
* Sampling rate: maximum at 80MS/s
* Input: 100 volts maximum
* Accuracy: +/- 1%
* Connection to PC: USB 2.0 connection for fast screen updates (USB 1.1 compatible)
* Advanced trigger modes capture intermittent faults
* Unlimited storage of waveforms and settings
* 60-preloaded tests and waveform references
* CAN bus compatible
* FlexRay compatible
* 24 month warranty
* Language Options (English, French, German, Italian)
* Free software updates
* Free technical support

Also, power to the scope module is supplied via the USB port!

Price:   $2,189.00 
Plus $10.00 Shipping Fee  
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