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ETrainer "Car in a Box" ($7995.00)

The ETrainer® (Patent Pending), is a revolutionary automotive engine simulator that mimics hundreds of faults, failures, problems, and resets. The ETrainer is a complete automotive electrical training system with light circuits, relay motor circuits and an engine simulator! ETrainer is equipped with the revolutionary Faultmaster technology that introduces faults, failures, and problems into all circuits. Faultmaster technology is able to give a technician the equivalent of many years of experience in a short time. Hands-on classroom training using the ETrainer will produce technicians who have a clear and concise understanding of both today's and tomorrow's complicated computer circuitry. These technicians will then be able to diagnose problems from the very basic to the most challenging! ETrainer trains mechanics to diagnose and repair the electrical systems of ALL of today's automobiles... Not just specific makes...CHECK IT OUT!
Price:   $7,995.00 
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